1. Me…every damn day of my life

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  2. I Love Lucy!! Have the best time in NZ @lucyhetc You will be missed xx

  3. Chris Grayling (best known for ruining The Probation Service) is trying to rob prisoners of their right to books. Here is my #shelfie #booksforprisoners

  4. I made a friend! Shame the flat I viewed was a crap hole. Oh well, never give up! I will find somewhere good to live in Brighton #catsbum

  5. …this is #stopbeingenergeticitsbedtime

  6. Not my idea of fun at 10:40pm

  7. Stephen Fry knows his shit! #norfolk #themotherland

  8. Stolen from @cottontops

  9. New Year 2014

  10. #bestfuckinbitches

  11. Watching Muppet Christmas Carol, drinking Frank Costanzas #ballsack

  12. Today at work we have been mostly making blu-tack animals 🐒

  13. Oi @cottontops! I got you a present - you’d better be excited!! #cybercandy #mightyperkynana

  14. Indy’s stocking

  15. My stocking